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Weekdays from 9am-5pm (EST).
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Toll-Free: 1-888-323-0106
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Map & Directions

Shirts & Signs Exterior Photo
Shirts and Signs Building
Shirts & Signs Entrance Photo
Shirts and Signs Entrance
Shirts & Signs Directions Map
Map of Lomar Park, Pepperell, MA

There are three entrances to Lomar Park along Route 111 / Nashua Road:

  1. The first entrance: is at 43 Nashua Road is marked with the Lomar Park sign.
  2. The second entrance: is unmarked and is located between 55 and 59 Nashua road.
  3. The third entrance: is midway between the other two entrances and is restricted access for the Waste Water Department. There is a small sign with blue text on a white background marking this entrance. This access road is easy to miss while driving but is included because you may notice it on the map.

Using the 2nd entrance to Lomar Park: continue straight we are the 3rd building on the right.

Using the 1st entrance to Lomar Park: continue all the way down the road until it turns left, continuing straight through the intersection at the Wastwater Department until you reach a "T"-shaped intersection. Turn right and we are the second building on your right.

You will see our sign on the end of the building above our entrance. See the photos on this page for reference.