Custom Order Policy

The 10 stages of your custom order

This Custom Order Policy applies to custom fabricated orders (not standardized items).

1. Request for Proposal (RFP)
You send us your request via email, by phone, or in person, and let us know what you need.

2. Estimate
We’ll send an estimate back to you in 1-2 business days.

3. Design Deposit
For new custom work requiring a design or layout (not repeat or standardized items) we will require a Design Deposit of 10% or $80, whichever is greater, in order to produce a set of design proofs. This enables us to spend the necessary time drafting the custom solution that fits your needs per your RFP.

4. Site Survey (if applicable)
If we determine it’s necessary to do an on-site survey for planning around installation considerations, we’ll complete that as soon as we receive the design deposit.

5. Design
After we’ve received the design deposit and have completed any applicable site survey, we’ll begin working carefully on your design. Most custom designs and layouts can be completed within a week or two, but more elaborate projects may take longer.

6. Proof Approval
We’ll send proofs for your approval or revision. We will notify you if requested revisions will affect the original estimate so you can stay within your budget. We can also refer you to lenders who specialize in signage financing for very expensive sign projects (upon request).

7. Permitting Deposit (if applicable)
If your order requires us to obtain a permit for installation, we will require the permitting costs to be paid in advance so we can prepare and submit the necessary municipal documents for approval.

8. Production Deposit
Once you have approved the design and all applicable permits have been secured a 50% deposit on the invoice balance is required to move your order into the production queue.

9. Production
Production times vary, but most jobs require only 2 weeks. Complex or highly customized work may require more time to produce.

10. Delivery / Installation & Final Payment
We’ll let you know once your order is completed and ready for pick-up, delivery, or installation. Your full invoice balance is due upon receipt when picked-up or delivered locally, or upon the completion of our professional installation. Orders shipped via 3rd party carrier require payment in advance.