Custom Signs of All Kinds

Shirts and Signs helps you make the perfect first impression, because image is EVERYTHING!  Our industry knowledge allows us to present & recommend the right sign solutions for your business needs.

Lawn Signs Sold Here Photo

Corrugated Plastic Signs

Weather resistant Corrugated Plastic signs are an inexpensive solution for temporary signage and postings.  Most commonly used for lawn signs, they are also suited for temporary notices or announcements on fences, trees, buildings, and in windows.


Banners are a great way to display your message whether it’s on a baseball field fence or up over Main Street.

Extremely versatile and cost effective; banners are durable, easy to transport, and are available in digitally printed full color.

Banner Stands

Banner Stands are an effective way to get your message across with almost endless applications.  Great for Trade Shows displays, Point-of-Purchase displays, Sales Presentations, Event Announcements, Product Showcases, Window Displays, and so much more!

Banner Stands are digitally printed full color.

Lightweight and easy to move around and transport, most banner stands comes with a soft carrying bag included!

Sidewalk Signs

A-Frames signs can be temporary or semi-permanent sidewalk fixtures. A great form of advertising for periodic sales, specials, or events.

Available with full-color digitally printed panels, changeable message boards, and even dry erase or chalk board surfaces!

Site Signs

Job Site signs are great for marking your on-site projects such as new developments or businesses.

Fabricated from durable aluminum and utilizing angle iron frames, these signs will last through many projects, providing an excellent ROI.

Janet Cramb, Open House Signs

Real Estate Signs

For Sale signs, Swing Posts, Riders, Open House signs, Sidewalk signs, and more!  We have a full range of Real Estate signage to meet your needs!

ADA Signs

Meet your ADA Signage requirements here!  Featuring raised braille translations and conforming colors, materials, and contrast ratios, these ADA compliant signs will fit right into your facility.

Blood Team Realty, Glass Signs

Interior Wall Signs

Wall signs serve many purposes, and whether your relaying critical information to customers or simply complimenting a room’s decor, we’ve got you covered.

Interior Directory Sign Photo

Wayfinding Signs

Nobody wants confused or lost customers!  Help everyone visiting your business find their way with confidence and ease.

Wayfinding and Directory signs are critical for directing customers to businesses that are located in a shared space.  Whether your business is in a strip mall, inside an office complex, or across from a parking garage: wayfinding signs allow your clients to find your business without getting lost.

We can create individual wayfinding solutions, or custom tailor an entire package to address your facility’s wayfinding needs.

Pepperell Highway Dept, Contsruction Signs

Road Signs

Parking, Street, Traffic, Safety, and Construction signs for commercial and residential roads, parking lots, and highways.

Available in many material options to meet various requirements:

  • Engineering-Grade Prismatic (EGP) retro-reflective (ASTM D 4956, Type I),
  • High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) reflective (exceeds ASTM D 4956, Type I),
  • Diamond-Grade Prismatic (DG3) reflective (ASTM D 4956-04, Type IX)

Our stock traffic signs meet FHWA MUTCD guidelines.

Hand Carved Address Sign Photo

Hand-Carved Signs

Custom hand-carved signs give add a flair of personality to your home or business.  Unique and custom made to order we can create an address sign that’s perfect for you.

Webster's Sign Restoration, First coat

Sign Restoration

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever outside in the elements.  Sometimes your signs simply need to be replaced, but other times it is possible to breathe new life into them with a bit of magic.

Contact us with photos and details of your restoration project so we can work out a quote to resurrect your aging signs!

Janet Cramb, Hanging Sign

Hanging Signs

Hanging signs are useful for businesses with storefronts in areas that get foot traffic on sidewalks.  Projecting 90° from the building face they provide a better viewing angle for tight spaces.

Custom fabricated hanging signs and their brackets can be a beautiful compliment to your buildings facade.

Window, Door, & Storefront Signs

Window and door signs are frequently the signs that make the first impression on customers as they approach your business.  These signs help to unify your business’ appearance with your main signage, and can provide additional cues such as your normal hours or website address.

Building Sign

Building Signs

Building signs not only mark the location and entrance to your business, but they also are an opportunity to make a great first impression and to project your business’ style.

Shirts and Signs will help you to transform your business’ facade into a unique and interesting visual landmark.

Single-Post Signs

Post signs are ideal for signs that need to be highly elevated or have a small available footprint of space for planting.  Post signs may or may not be internally lit.

Pepperell Military Sign

Post & Panel Signs

Freestanding Post & Panel signs are the perfect way to make your business more visible by putting your sign nearer the road.

Shirts and Signs offers custom design, fabrication, and installation of freestanding post & panel signs.

Micromatics Machine, 3D Freestanding Sign

Dimensional Signs

Bring another dimension to your branding with an eye-catching 3D sign!  Custom made to order, we can create a visually appealing sign that will get your customers attention.

Quiet Logistics, Monument Sign 2

Monument Signs

Nothing else says “I’m here to stay” better than a beautiful Monument sign.  These classy signs generally have a thick solid base & a larger available message area that can’t be missed.

Carved Granite Post Sign

Carved Signs

Carved signs bring a whole new dimension to your sign!  Stand out with our high-quality CNC-carved signs.

Fabricated with special High-Density Urethane (HDU), this lightweight material is superior to wood in durability and lifespan.  Benefits include:

  • Impermeable by water and moisture,
  • Unaffected by high-salt environments,
  • Dimensionally stable over time (no warping or bowing),
  • Lightweight compared to wood,
  • Environmentally friendly (Green) as it saves trees and is made from 16% recycled materials,
  • Withstands temperatures from −30° F to 220°F.
Lighted Sign Photo

Lighted Signs

Because everyday isn’t bright and sunny. Whether it’s individual letters or a light box, neon or led, your message will be loud and clear day or night!

Using state-of-the-art LED lighting, these signs will look great for a very long time with almost no maintenance, and offer an exceptional cost of ownership and ROI over older, less efficient bulbs.

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