Vehicle Graphics & Wraps

Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard!  Vehicle Wraps reach more consumers at a lower Cost Per Impression (CPI) than ALL other forms of outdoor advertising.  Don’t let that precious advertising space go to waste!

Full Wraps

A full wrap utilizes all, or nearly all, of the available space on a vehicle’s surface for custom graphics, completely transforming the appearance of the vehicle and maximizing your advertisement’s effect.

Matley's Pools & Spa Pickup

Partial Wraps

Partial wraps are an alternative to a full wrap, that only utilizes a portion of a vehicle’s available space for custom graphics, incorporating the existing body color of the vehicle as the background.  Partial wraps can be a lower-cost alternative to a full wrap.

Pickup Truck Lettering for Hillside Construction, Driver Side

Basic Lettering

Good results can still be had at a lower expense with colored-vinyl lettering.  Without the need for expensive digital printing, basic lettering is a cost-effective option for many small businesses.

About Wrap Costs

Vehicle wraps are highly customize-able and allow you to get creative with your mobile advertising.

However, the many combinations of wrap options and vehicle types can make it difficult to determine the cost of a given wrap or to compare the costs of different wrap options.

The following chart helps to give an idea of some of the options and cost of a given wrap based on a common vehicle type, the full-sized van.  Using the chart you can estimate a given wraps cost by comparison.

Keep in mind that vehicles with more curves and seams will take longer to wrap and cost more, and larger vehicles such as box trucks will also cost more.  Wraps that fall in-between the options shown on the chart will similarly fall in-between the given price ranges as well.

Wrap Cost Estimator Graphic

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